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Research, Course Related Work & Observations

The Child Development Program serves as a lab site with the mission of supporting research related to young children and preparing Georgia State University students to work professionally with young children. The Program’s goals are based on current learning and child development theories. Young children learn through play and they grow and develop when in a supportive environment that encourages them to try new things and express their natural curiosity. The Program offers educators an opportunity to observe master teachers working with children while using developmentally appropriate lessons and materials.

The Program provides settings in which students from other departments within the university have an opportunity to learn about young children through structured interaction or observation in the classrooms and/or observation rooms. Students will learn appropriate skills and practice techniques that are relative to their programs. They also have an opportunity to learn effective communication skills and to develop professional behavior.  Graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of departments, in association with their class instructors, are also invited to conduct both general and specific projects and observations in our classrooms.

In addition to completing course-related work and observations, the Child Development Program serves as an interdisciplinary research program.  Teams of faculty and students from various departments are welcome to contribute different perspectives to the research. All research conducted in the Program must be approved by the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) which provides a rigorous review of all research and whose primary responsibility is to protect human subjects. Data from the research is strictly confidential.

Interested in completing your course-related work, observations or research at the center?  Complete the form related to your request and email Ada Perry at aperry7@gsu.edu, fax to 404-413-8463 or deliver it to 30 Courtland St, Room G-17 Dahlberg Hall.


Interested in volunteering? Complete the Volunteer Request form, background check and submit to Mrs. Phyllis Kimbro at pkimbro@gsu.edu, hand-deliver it to 30 Courtland St., Room G-17 Dhalberg Hall or fax to 404-413-8463.


Interested in a tour of the center?  For our Capitol Hill location contact Mrs. Nekeshia Shoemake at 404-413-8454 or nstein@gsu.edu.  For the Suttles location contact Mrs. Ada Perry-Rookard at aperry7@gsu.edu, fax to 404-413-8463 or deliver it to 30 Courtland St., Room G-17, Dahlberg Hall.