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The Child Development Program is an interdisciplinary research Program.  The primary objective of the research program is to gain knowledge in child development, family life, teaching and care-giving practices, and child-care management.  Teams of faculty and students from various departments, including education, psychology, nursing and sociology contribute different perspectives to the research.   All research conducted in the Program is approved by the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), which provides a rigorous review of all research and whose primary responsibility is to protect human subjects.   Data from research is strictly confidential.

The Child Development Program provides settings in which students from other departments within the university have an opportunity to learn about young children through structured interaction or observation in the classrooms and/or observation rooms.  Students learn appropriate skills and practice techniques that are relative to their programs.  They also have an opportunity to learn effective communication skills and to develop professional behavior. ​The centers play an important role in University research efforts, supports teacher education programs, offers an ideal setting for students from a variety of disciplines to learn about young children through observation, interaction and research, and provides a model of “best practice” for Georgia’s early learning professionals at all levels of the professional ladder.

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